Why Adventure Together?

We think that spending time outdoors together as a family has a ton of benefits for you, your kids, and your entire family as a whole. This is what Crayons and Cairns is passionate about. Helping people understand and realize the importance of getting outside. In today's world technology is all that matters. Instagram and Facebook are the most important thing in our lives! Why are these things so important to us when sometimes all they do is cause us misery? Social media can force people to compare themselves to others, making them feel like they need to have what others have. Children and teens are bombarded with thoughts and feeling of inadequacy. Spending time outdoors and away from social media and screens can help stop this destructive pattern. Here are just some of the other benefits of spending time outdoors together. 

Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors as a Family

Confidence Booster

When your children spend time outdoors, their confidence is being boosted. The great outdoors has no boundaries or restrictions. They can be as loud, crazy, and energetic as they want to be. The outdoors gives them infinite ways to play and create. Children feel like they're on top of the world in a high tree! Their confidence will soar. The outdoors will push you. It forces you to become stronger and learn valuable lessons. Camping helps children problem solve and feel satisfaction when they see their hard work pay off. They're using their muscles and their brains, rather than comparing themselves to others on the television shows, movies, or social media. 

Great Physical Exercise

Exercise is very important these days because a sedentary life is becoming more and more common. Sedentary lives lead to a lifetime of health problems. Children that spend time outdoors are far less likely to lead a sedentary life and are overall healthier. If you've ever watched a child at a park or in a backyard, you know what we're talking about. They don't sit still! They run, explore, climb, jump, and leap. Exercise has also been shown to help kids focus better in school or other environments when they need to pay attention. Children with ADHD will benefit greatly from physical exercise. 

Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Being outdoors puts everything behind you. Listening to a babbling brook or the sound of birds will literally melt your stresses away. It also puts you in a significantly better mood. A study done by Duke University in 1999, showed that people that took a 30-minute walk 3 times a week had better results reducing depression than taking Zoloft. Talk about a major mood booster! When everyone in your family has had some stressful times and is looking for a getaway, camping or getting outside is the perfect way to do it. You'll feel so much better. 


Families that spend time outdoors together, bond together. When you're all outside, all you have is each other. You help each other, rely on each other, and bond to each other. Each time you spend time outdoors together, you're creating new memories that your family can remember for the rest of their lives. These memories will bond each of you together as you remember them together. Everyone needs to pitch in do their part in an outdoor environment like camping. It gets everyone talking and involved with one another, more than sitting in a hotel room would. 

Learning Together

People say that the best way to learn is by total immersion. For example, the best way to learn Spanish is by living in Mexico for a year. By totally immersing yourself in something, you have no choice but to learn quickly. This also goes with spending time outdoors. There is so much to be learned in the outdoors. Spending time in the outdoors and totally immersing yourself in it will help you and your family learn so much. You'll learn about different plants, habitats, and constellations. You'll learn how to catch a fish, purify water, and use a first aid kit. The best thing about it is that you'll get to learn with the people you love most in the whole world. 


We hope that you will take this information and use it. Spending time outdoors with your family will bring you all closer together, help you learn, reduce stress and anxiety, help your confidence soar, and give you some great exercise. Your whole family will be able to get away from screens and social media when you make an effort to spend more time outdoors. Social media has its benefits, but it can take over people's lives. Don't let it. Start your outdoor adventure with your family today and make some lifelong memories that won't disappear on a newsfeed. 

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