What to have in your trunk ALL THE TIME!

There are some things we keep in our trunk all the time. All of these items come in handy for a spontaneous adventure! With these items in your trunk you can be spontaneously prepared for any situation.    

  • Pack 'n Play: This comes in handy when you're out longer than you would expect and have a little napper that still needs containment while sleeping. We often over at a friends house and, like they say when you're having fun, time flies by. It's so nice to have a place to put my baby down for a nap. We have also used the pack n play when we're up in the canyon for a campfire and we have a non-crawler/crawler. It's nice to keep them safe from the fire and out of the dirt.
  • Blanket: We call ours the camp blanket but it's for everything! It's great to have a blanket for picnics at the park, keeping warm while star gazing (or more likely, stuck in your car with no gas in the Winter), or to soften up the bleachers at a sporting event.  This blanket is a designated car blanket and this is its home ALL. THE. TIME.
  • First Aid Kit: Do we really need to explain this one??
  • Baby Carrier: Our personal favorite is the Ergo but there is a huge selection of great brands out there. This comes in handy for the "hey let's take the kids for a walk or hike" kind of day. If one of my older girls is in a really grouchy mood and I want to go to the store (one without a shopping cart) then I'll throw her in the stroller and put my little one in the baby carrier.
  • Water: This is a must! If you are going out on a spontaneous hike then you HAVE to have water.
  • Stroller: We feel like this is pretty self-explanatory too but we wanted to talk about my favorite type of stroller to have in the car with me. I'm absolutely in love with the Chicco Liteway stroller. It's the perfect hybrid of an umbrella and a mass transit type. It has a sunshade, storage area underneath, big wheels, and the best part is that it lays ALL THE WAY BACK. The handles are also higher up than your average umbrella stroller so there's no hunchback mom going on. 
  • T.G.I.H.T Box: The Thank Goodness I Had That Box has a variety of necessities. Snacks that store well for a long time and can handle the heat, warm hats, and gloves for you and the kids, emergency blankets and hand warmers, sun hats, sunscreen, and diaper changing necessities. You could add whatever else you wanted in here such as undies and pants for potty training kids, card games and Frisbees, drink additives to make your water taste better. Put your families favorites in there!

There you have it! The trunk necessities! What do you guys find are your must haves for your family? 

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