Organizing Everything

Although it may seem annoying, taking a bit of time to organize your things while packing will make a HUGE difference in how smooth practically everything else goes on your trip. The best way to organize while camping is what I call scenario organizing. It goes a little something like this.

Tote #1 Cooking: This has everything you need for your meals including pots, pans, dishes, stove, tablecloth, biodegradable dish soap, can opener, knives, cups, kettle...if you use it for cooking it goes in here. 

Tote #2 Fires: In the fire tote you’ll find a hatchet, matches or lighter, newspaper, maybe some fire starter, roasting sticks, S’more stuff… Here’s a tip, keep some matches with your stove and some with your fire tote, that way you’ll always have some exactly where you need them. 

Tote #3 Hiking: The hiking tote has reusable water bottles, hiking packs, a stash of shelf-stable hiking snacks (ie granola bars, energy blocks…), a small first aid kit, hiking poles, and some sunscreen. 

Tote #4 Food: I actually use two collapsible baskets so as we use up food we can conserve on space. One basket has snack items while the other has meal prep items. This makes it easy for when you want to find a quick snack while driving that you’ll know exactly where it is. 

Tote #5 Lighting: Headlamps, a lantern, extra batteries, and matches are a few things you’d find in the lighting bin.

This same concept goes while packing your clothes. Use smaller bags inside your larger duffle to keep your underwear and socks together, your workout clothes and swimsuits together, warm layers together, hats and other accessories, and whatever else you want to group. It makes it REALLY easy to find what you’re looking for.

When packing your bag, your car, or your food try as best as you can to load the “I’m bringing this just in case” items first and deepest. Next are the items that you know you’ll need but not until it's time to set up camp. The final items to be packed are the items you’re using all the time, or right off the bat. 

Take a few extra minutes every day of your trip to make sure things are staying in their place. This will take out the frustration of not knowing where things are.

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