Meadow Hot Springs

Hot spring season is upon us and we couldn't be more excited to go for a dip. It's cold out but your soul is aching for a chance to soak up sunshine and the good vibrations of the earth. There are lots of great ways to get outside during the winter but most of them include being cold. That's exactly why we think a trip to some hot springs is the best way to spend your weekend this winter.

I grew up going to hot springs with my dad. It's kind of in my blood I guess you could say. It's pretty obvious that I've passed the love of hot springs gene to my kids because they jump at any chance to go. I have many memories of hopping in the car and driving many (many) hours in search of a hot pool to dip in. Once we drove for 4 hours, never found it, and went back home. That was the worst of our experiences. Most of our hot springs adventures included successfully finding our destination, soaking until our heads hurt because we had been in the water so long, and sleepily listening to Jack Johnson or Fleetwood Mac on the drive home. Actually my first trip to Meadow Hot Springs was a lot like that. 

Back in the day we couldn't just google "Utah Hot Springs", plug it in Google Maps, and know exactly where to go. It's was either in a book or by word of mouth and you hoped that who ever gave you the directions knew what he was talking about. Meadow Hot Springs is found right smack dab in the middle of, well, nothing to be exact. We were actually pretty sure we had taken a wrong turn somewhere and were about ready to head back when, just in time, we could see steam rising from the middle of the field of sage brush we were driving through. There are no bathrooms or changing rooms so my dad and brothers would change outside the car while my sister and I change inside the car. The hot pool is another 100 yards away from the parking lot so you can't see the pool until you walk closer. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Was it going to be a couple of cement tubs? Maybe some shallow streams damned up with rocks? I'll tell you one thing, we never expected to see what we found that day. 

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We found a large, turquoise blue, pool. You could dive down in it until your lungs were about to burst. The temperature of the pool was warmer than a bath but not so hot that you ever had to get out and cool down. My dad never, and still doesn't, go anywhere without a bag full of goggles and pool toys so we spent hours seeing how far we could dive. After getting tired of that we would sit along edges of the pool where there were shallow shelfs and catch our breath. 

That trip to Meadow would be the first of MANY and now I get to take my own kids.

Now for all the "need to knows"

Where: Meadow, Utah

When: Any time of the year! There are actually a few different pools, some of them being a cool enough for fish. The cooler pools are bigger and fun to swim in during the summer time. 

Who: All ages. The pools are deep so your swimmers should either be comfortable swimming or have floaties. 

Type: Day trip only. Since the pools are located on private property camping is not permitted. This is a good stop for travelers going from Salt Lake area to St George.

Other: There are no bathrooms so be sure to be willing to change in your car! It's also a good idea to stop at the potty BEFORE going. As I mentioned before, it is located on private property so be sure to be respectful to the owners and clean up after yourselves.


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