Making a Travel Video to Share With Family and Friends

You're done with your vacation and it seems like it was all an epic blast! You're pumped about all the great things you did and the beautiful places you visited. You want to tell all of your friends! Share those pictures, right?  But does anyone really care about how fabulous your trip was? Do you really appreciate someone else's travel photos? You've got all these pictures and family videos--what do you do with them?  Load them onto your hard drive and forget them?  We've found what we think is a really fun way to share your travel videos, photos, and really your vacation with those you love. Hopefully without boring them to death, or seeming too boastful. It's also got a bonus of giving you something to do with all those memories you've captured in digital form.

Making a Travel Video

It started, for us, as a hobby of Laura's. Her creativity tends to take on a bit of a techy side. We've had fun turning our vacations into memorable videos. We've shown some of them here on the blog. Often they're just snippets taken from whatever video clips we happen to take. You can check them out on our YouTube channel. We like videos because it's sort of a flavoring of all that you did on your trip. Just enough to show the fun, without being too detailed. Something to trigger your memories when you look back, but not something too tiresome to share with friends.  

 What do you do to make a video?  

1 If at all possible have one person in charge of Video and another person in charge of pictures. It's REALLY hard to do both! 

Think of splitting your shots into 3 different types. First is going to be the broad picture of what's going on (ie your scenery, a panning shot of the campground...). The second will be your medium shot where you focus on a smaller shot of what you just got with your broad shot. The third are the details which could include flower petals or a close up of someone's hands while they climb a rock.

Always have your camera handy. You'll miss the best shots EVERY TIME  you put your camera away. 

Then, when you get home, use video making software to create your own mashup. You can add music, effects, whatever. There's plenty of free video software out there. On every PC there's usually Windows Movie Maker, or it's free to download online Mac's have their own movie app. We use Adobe Premier for our videos. We actually find it more user-friendly (after a few YouTube video tutorials) and less frustrating than Movie Maker. However, it's not free.   

We've found this is a great way to share your vacation with friends.  We don't usually get many complaints from people when we share our vacations this way. Or maybe they're just kindly humoring us like we all do when someone is showing off their vacation photos. But to that, we might just point out that celebrities make travel videos too.

Check out this video and our YouTube channel for ideas!


Have you already done this? We'd love to see your videos too! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram! 

Happy traveling.

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