DIY Off-Road Teardrop Trailer

Do you scroll through Pinterest and think "I could totally make that"? Us too! Even if money is not an issue, we love to get our hands dirty and do the work ourselves! To some of you out there this might seem a little bit crazy. Why would you do it yourself if you can save time and energy having someone else make it for you?

Lets talk for a moment about WHY DIY?

  • The first, and most obvious, reason is to save money; although this isn't always true for every DIY project. Take clothing for example. These days you can buy clothing for SO cheap that the cost of purchasing the fabric and making your own doesn't make sense. When it comes to building a teardrop trailer though, you can save thousands of dollars doing it on your own.
  • Stirring up the pot of creativity that's been on the shelf since you were a kid. Humans were made to create and we naturally find a lot of joy from it! The more you "practice" being creative, the more the juices flow and your creativity is set free! Be free!
  • Hard work is extremely rewarding. Have you ever heard the saying that the best view is seen from the top of a tall mountain? It's not because the mountain is taller, it's because you had to take each step to make it to the top and therefor you enjoy that view so much more. You know and placed every nail, and every piece of metal or wood in your trailer. The feeling of accomplishment when traveling down a dirt road with your trailer (still in one piece, thank goodness!) rolling behind you is so much better than if you had just pulled it off the lot at "Camper World".
  • Your DIY Teardrop Trailer is completely custom! Take all of your favorite features from your favorite trailers and build them into your own. As long as your have the skills and resources for material, you can make your teardrop trailer exactly like you want!

Coming up with our Teardrop Trailer Design

Speaking of things being completely custom, how is it that we came up with our specific trailer design anyway? The short answer is a lot of research on other trailer designs. We spent a good amount of time looking at things we did or didn't like about different trailers. This is also our second trailer build, so we kept the things we loved about first trailer and made improvements where we could on this next build.

The long answer is that we thought about what it was we were using the trailer for and how much time we planned spending in it. Were we going to be out for weeks at a time? Did we want more conveniences like a refrigerator and sink or could we make due without? Trailer number one was very simple. Basically Andrew wanted to see if he could build a teardrop trailer for our family and we had a few thousand dollars to do it. He made the design as simple as possible which kept things easy, simple, and cheap. For trailer number two, we felt more comfortable with our building "skills" and things are a bit "fancier". 

Once it was time to start sketching, we simply used pen and paper to make quick iterations of our thoughts. After we agreed on the basic shape and layout, we used Fusion 360 to draw out the design in it's 3D form. Andrew spent a lot of time watching other videos (thank you, we wouldn't have been able to do it with out you!) and researching techniques. He did not just jump into things willy nilly and hoped it all worked out. There have been many hours just standing in the garage staring at a pile of metal or wood, brain storming how it was all going to come together. Seriously, get used to it, it's part of the process.

The Building Process

Lets get into the nitty gritty of the construction shall we? But who wants to sit and read when you can watch it all unfold before your eyes. Much cooler right?!

These videos are what we've built so far on our trailer. We'll be posting more as we continue to build so we'd recommend subscribing to our Youtube Channel to make sure you don't miss the next step.

Our personal design and list of materials will be available to you upon completion of our teardrop trailer! Stay tuned!

**Feel free to ask questions about the design, building process, or materials! We couldn't have done it with out help from others and we'd love to pass on the love!




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