Camping with your baby!

A lot of new parents are intimidated by the idea of camping with their baby. We were! We quickly learned camping with a baby can actually be one of the easiest times to camp with your new family. Babies sleep most of the time in the car so you don't have to worry about entertaining them nearly as much as big kids. If you're breastfeeding, then food for them is easy, it's on you all the time! They are the easiest to tote around in a carrier. They're light enough you can often go on the same hikes you're used to doing. With all that said, we understand that camping with babies still has its challenges. We have some tips and even some gear recommendations for you. (This post uses affiliate links. Purchases made from the links do provide us a small percentage commission. Thank you for your support!)   

1. Get creative when thinking about what they will be sleeping in. We have used a shallow Rubbermaid storage container when our babies were really small instead of bringing a big pack 'n play. You can pack clothes or camping gear in it while traveling and use it as a bed at night. Use a baby carbag, or something similar for sleeping in cold weather. That way you can ensure their fingers, toes, and head stay covered and warm through the night.  

2. Bring a carrier for hiking and around camp. There are so many options out there for baby carriers and you'll want to choose one that suits you and your child best. We have used the Bjorn, Ergo carrier, Moby Wrap, and bigger carriers (here, and here.) We'll have to review our favorite carriers in another post, won't we?

3. You'll need a clean play area for your little guy (unless you don't mind them constantly eating dirt). Some ideas we've used: Bumbo Seat (or it's similar cousins), a tarp, a camp blanket, a bouncer, or a small blow up swimming pool. Don't worry about spending a lot of money on something fancy. An umbrella set up over a blanket works awesome! 

4. Layers. Kids clothes are small so you can pack a lot of them. Bring a variety of clothes since you need to be very accommodating to temperature, especially with babies (we stick to the rule that whatever you're comfortable in, put baby in one more layer). We bring all sorts of layers including tights to go under pants if it's cold or lightweight breezy clothes to keep them cool.  

5. Sunscreen and sun hats are a must! Nothing is worse than burning your little one's cheeks from being out in the sun all day without protection. We love Sunday Afternoon's Play Hat since it's easy to clean and will dry quickly if it gets wet. It fits well and the sun stays out of their eyes too (we haven't been paid by Sunday Afternoon to say that either).

6. We recommend taking a clip-on high chair that packs easily. Like this one.  You could also use a bouncer or other seat for feeding time. 

7. Lots of wipes. Wipes are our best friend. Diaper changes, makeshift baths, dirty faces....... 

We hope we've emboldened you with confidence to take even your littlest babies on your next camp out! Gotta start 'em young! Pin this to Pinterest, if you want. ;)

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