Camp Activities

Each family will have a different camping style and your style may change depending on the age of your kids, where you’re camping, and your overall desired experience. 

Camping, for us, includes a lot of doing! While we were camping in Yellowstone we woke up before sunrise (to see wildlife) and didn’t return to camp till after dark. This is our style but yours could look a lot different and that’s okay! There is no right or wrong way to spend your time while camping.

When we actually are at camp we have a few favorite activities that we wanted to share with you!

Crafts: One of our favorite thing for down time at camp is crafts. When at home I worry so much about the mess that it takes the fun out of crafts but while camping you don’t have to worry so much.

Games: We always bring a deck of cards or two because there are a lot of games you can play just from one deck which saves space which can be really valuable. If we’ve got extra space then we bring along games like Ladder Ball, Kube, or Spike Ball. The kids also love a simple game of Hide-and-seek.

Hammock Nap Time: Sometimes we forget (especially if you’re like us where our trips are usually go go go!) to just sit back and soak it all in. A hammock is a perfect way to do this although there are a lot of ways you can accomplish this.

Campfire: There’s nothing quite like sitting next to a crackling fire at the end of the day. You can roast marshmallows and make s’mores or even cook your entire dinner over the fire. 

Travel Journals: This is a good activity for any age. Your little ones can start off by drawing a picture of your adventures that day. The older they get the more they’ll be able to do with this. Even Andrew and I like to keep a travel journal. There are some that you can buy with writing prompts or it could be as simple as bringing your own notebook. 

Photography Scavenger Hunt: If your kids know how to handle a camera then send them off with a list of things to take pictures of. When they’ve found as much as they can then have them show you the pictures they've snapped. 

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