Arizona Hot Springs

Imagine taking a beautiful windy slot canyon and the healing warm waters of a hot springs and putting them together. Wouldn't that just be the perfect mix of two amazing natural wonders? Well who would believe that this place actually exists and is not just a made up fantasy of ours? Arizona Hot Spring is definitely high on the "worth it scale" for anyone traveling around the Las Vegas area. One of the best parts about this hike is that the entire experience, from beginning to end, is full of beauty and fun! 

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Who | 3+ Due to the length of the hike and the hot temperatures, of both the water and air, we would recommend 3 and older. Knowing us though we would probably still trek a baby in. It is important to be prepared (as always) and mindful of how your baby is doing.

Type | Day hike or Backpacking. 6 miles round trip. 

Where | 4.2 miles past the Hoover Dam along Hwy 93. Watch for big parking lot and trailhead. We recommend checking out a map of the area. Canyon country can get difficult to navigate and it's smart to know exactly where you're going!

When | Spring, Fall, or Winter. We would not do this hike mid summer. Our trip to Arizona Hot Spring was mid January and it was perfect temperature. This hike is very exposed to the sun and has an elevation gain of almost 900'. Plus who wants to soak in a hot springs in the hot Arizona summer heat anyway?

Worth it Scale | 7 We're giving it a seven based on it being a family outing. There were many soakers who chose to soak in the nude which is usually okay with me because you and your little family can avoid them. In a skinny slot canyon this is not possible. It's also quite a long hike for little ones (our almost 7 and 5 year old hiked the entire thing by themselves) and in the warmer months of the year it could be quite a miserable hike for them. With all that said, it was absolutely beautiful and such a fun, unique, adventure.

It took our family about five and a half hours to hike, including soaking time. 1hr and 40 min down, 1 hr and 30 min back, and 2 hours of soaking time. Andrew is the best researcher in the world when it comes to hikes and he found out that there are two ways to get to the pools. One way being shorter but less scenic and the other way being longer but much prettier. We decided to take the longer and prettier way there and the shorter way back. The longer way is definitely worth hiking on either the way there or back. Walking along the banks of the Colorado River and twisting down the shallow slot were highlights of the hike. 

You'll definitely start planning your next trip to Arizona Hot Springs after checking out this video!

Make sure to bring:

  • Water! Of course, like always, be sure to bring along plenty of drinking water. We feel like this is a no brainer but just in case you didn't know YOU NEED TO BRING WATER WITH YOU WHILE HIKING. Its especially important to drink water while you're soaking in the hot springs since you can sweat and dehydrate easily in the hot water.
  • Food. Another obvious but very important item to have with you. You'll be surprised at how much food your little ones can consume on a long day of hiking and soaking so be sure to bring more than you normally would.
  • Water shoes. Andrew made the mistake of deciding to leave his Chacos at the car to save on space. He ended up limping around the hot pools near the end and compared the rocks to sand paper. 
  • 2 plastic bags. The first bag is great for wet swim suits on the hike out. The second bag you can use for your own trash and another other trash you find along the trail. Lets keep these natural wonders clean!
  • A swim suit
  • Good walking shoes for the hike to and from the hot springs.
  • A Backpack.
  • Small towel. Shamwow rags or our favorite to bring along for hikes were we'll potentially get wet.
  • Waterproof camera.

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