The Adventure Mindset

Out of every post of my Get Started section of Crayons and Cairns, I would venture to say that this is the most important one. You can have everything planned out perfect, every map you need printed off, all of your gear labeled and organized, but if you miss this step then all of that could be useless. That's a pretty big statement I know but let me explain. 

The adventure mindset is essentially realizing that IT'S ALL part of the adventure. The second you hop into your car you're starting your adventure! When you don't end up getting one of the first come first serve campsites that you were banking on, that's part of the adventure too! You're going on these trip to experience a deeper part of life, not for everything to go perfectly. And let me tell you, THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GO PERFECT! I promise that you will find what others would call a setback but what we embrace as part of the journey. Start your trip expecting things to not go exactly as planned AND enjoy and adapt to each moment that comes. 

Andrew and I took our kids on an adventure to Colorado and ended up missing our turn off, and not by just a little either. We pulled up Google Maps to see what we had to do to correct our mistake and found a little county road that would be faster than going all the way back to our turn off. We took this "road" which had obviously not been driven on in a long time. After about 45 minutes of driving, we came to a fence with a gate that blocked the road. I got out and read the sign on the gate saying it was private property. The worst part is that I could see the highway that we were driving to meet up with just on the other side. Although we were really annoyed and not looking forward to the 45 minute drive back out we decided to have an adventure mindset about it all. We cut through the country side and with our slower place we were able to look at the details we wouldn't have noticed before at highway speed. We even saw some hawks, eagles, and a coyote. We viewed it as part of our journey rather than a big set back from our original plan. This definitely could have put us all in a bad mood and ruined a good portion of our day but thank goodness we chose differently. 


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