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Crayons and Cairns is your guide to help your family bond through outdoor recreation!  Visit our Get Started section to learn step-by-step how to GET OUT THERE together!

Our Mission

Crayons and Cairns is devoted to helping families create strong bonds through outdoor recreation. What does that mean exactly? 

Quality time, without distractions, is the glue to family relationships. In today’s world we are constantly distracted by technology, to-do’s, and keeping up with the Jones’s that we don’t even realize our time slipping through our fingertips. With an increase in “ease” of our modern day, kids are not learning essential life skills to become happy and successful parents and leaders. 

By encouraging families to get outside together we not only help build strong family bonds but we also promote creativity, problem solving, patience, goal setting, perseverance, imagination, play, and self-reliance in adults and children! That’s a lot of amazing stuff that comes from spending a bit of time adventuring together. 

Trips, Hacks, and Gear

Don't miss these posts that are loaded with trip ideas, camping hacks, photography/video tips, and our favorite gear! 

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